Where does modesty come from?

Where does the shame of what we consider “private” or “forbidden” come from?

Is it okay to let nudity show, being something we all share?

In trying to answer these questions, the need arises to explore the experience around mere nudity, and that is exactly what inspires this project.
With the intention of seeking to see beyond the naked body, I wanted to show the process of modesty that we can all experience in different ways, but reaching the same result: Nudity. 

An ordinary, natural nudity, without planned poses. A nakedness like anyone else’s, now in your sight, but not for your enjoyment, but for introspection.

From a neutral point of view, without prejudice, without praise, seeking to show the simple reality, connecting you, who are watching this, with that specific moment, seeking to question it.


21 min. 47 sec.


5 min. 23 sec.


5 min. 44 sec.


17 min. 38 sec.


3 min. 14 sec.


7 min. 27 sec.


24 min. 27 sec.

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